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Jun. 02.

Confidence Building Photoshoot

About two years ago I went for a photoshoot, mainly as something fun to do, but also as a confidence booster.

Robyn 10I am not the most photogenic person ever, normally preferring to stay behind the camera, but was made to feel very welcome and comfortable by Melissa, the stylist and make up artist, while we discussed style influences and how we wanted to put the shoot together. By the time our photographer arrived I was comfortable, happy & ready to go, having decided that a vintage/femme fatale look would be fun to do.

A couple of hours later (which felt like minutes, we were having that much fun) it was all over, and all we had to do was wait for the finished images.

Receiving the finished images from the selection taken (about 500 originally, whittled down to 50) a couple of weeks after the shoot, I was amazed. Perhaps amazed isn’t the right word though. GOBSMACKED may be a better word. It took me two days to realise that it was actually me in the photos. I am a pretty plain person normally, yet the person looking back from the photos is beautiful. The make up artist (now a good friend of mine) worked wonders, though she keeps telling me that I was such a good canvas to work on.

It truly was a confidence booster. It gave me the confidence to come out and say publicly “Hey world, this is who I am. Live with it!” Something I would never have never done prior to it.

If you are looking for a pick me up, or special photos of yourself, or of a group, it is a must do. I can’t recommend it enough.

Make up and styling were done by Melissa Nelson of Honeytrap Boudoir, Dun Laoghaire (also the location for the shoot), and the photographer is Rick Taylor of First Focus Photography.

A selection of the best images are in the gallery in the post. Enjoy!


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