Tried Tuesday: Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner Pens

Jul. 02.
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Pinky Glitter
Jun. 30.

Manicure Monday: Recent Dealz Purchases

There is something amazing about going into Dealz for me. You can go inn for a look around, not planning on buying anything, then suddenly you get distracted by shiny things and all bets are off. This happened for me last week, with the nail polish stand. There were some polishes by Sinful Colors, and it was all “OOH SHINY” and four of them ended up in the basket.


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Jun. 26.

Tested Thursday: Duo-Phase Eye Makeup Removers from Garnier & Nivea

One thing I love as a makeup junkie is putting my makeup on. What to do with it, dramatic, subtle, neutral, bare skin, colour pop, the possibilities are limited only by imagination. One thing I hate though, is taking it all off again at the end of the day. Anything to make it easier is welcome here, and as I am running out of the lovely duo-phase eye makeup remover by Ziaja, I picked up two new ones while in Boots on Monday. They are the duo-phase eye makeup removers from Garnier and Nivea, from the Garnier Skin Naturals range and Nivea Daily Essentials Range.


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