Something Else Saturday: Purple Eye Makeup Look

Apr. 19.
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Apr. 18.

Face Friday: U Magazine Box

Hello all! In case you haven’t seen this haul yet, I was fortunate enough to win all of these goodies from U Magazine for winning a quiz. And really, there is no better way to start trying them than to slap them on your face and hope for the best. For that reason the foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipstick are all ones that I’ve never tried before, while a couple of items are tried and tested favourites.


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Apr. 17.

Super Happy Bonus Haul Post WOW!

The title kind of says it all for this one. It’s a bonus post. It’s Super. I’m super happy. It’s a haul post. And finally it will make you go WOW!, go green with envy, or call me a lucky bitch.

To clarify. I recently took part in an online quiz on twitter called Twiznight. It happens Monday and Thursday evenings. The sponsor of the prize was U Magazine, and it was on the topic of celebrity and fashion. It came down to two of us on a perfect score after all 12 questions, and I got the tiebreak question first, winning, well, everything you see below. Now, shall we go discover what’s in the box?


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